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Check out art and writing resources, including opportunities for publication, from around the world that are available online for all to access. Have a resource of you’re loving? Email to share your resource with the Region-at-Large community.

General Resources

  • Virtual Career Panel for Awards Alumni, presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Learn how to turn your passion for the arts into a sustainable career from four Awards alumni, who shared their invaluable insights during our virtual career panel So, You Want to Be a Creative? A Virtual Career Panel for Awards Alumni. Our featured alumni panelists answered a variety of questions ranging from their high school experiences to how they made the transition into the working world to learning to deal with imposter syndrome. Watch a recording of the inspiring panel here, or check out the link here for a recap of our favorite responses.

Art Resources

Featured Image: Shared a sketch with you by Sojung An, Chadwick International School, South Korea. Educator: Taeshim Hah.
  • Virginia MOCA Free Virtual Tours for Students: Schedule a 40-minute virtual tour with a Virginia MOCA educator, streamed live from the Virginia MOCA galleries. Tours use a selection of works from their current exhibitions to foster close observation, critical-thinking, and rich discussions that support learning standards through an inquiry-based approach. Complete this form to request a Virtual Tour.
  • AICAD Portfolio Review Portal from The Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD): Get personalized feedback from the portfolio experts! Upload your artwork to receive feedback from AICAD institutions – the leading art & design schools in the US & Canada. (NOTE: This is not a formal application to any of the participating colleges, but rather a special opportunity for informal advisement on developing your portfolio.) This site is open to all students from 9th -12th grade as well as college students interested in transferring.
  • The COS Catch Up podcast from COS fashion label: Listen in as filmmaker Akinola Davies and poet James Massiah catch up and compare notes on creativity, life and style in their debut podcast series.
  • Youth Media Arts: Focused on providing every student with the opportunity to network, learn, and grow as a creator, Youth Media Arts partners with professional artists to provide webinars, portfolio reviews, and insight into the challenges that come with pursuing a career in the arts. Join the team of teen artists from around the globe who have come together to support the creative exploration of young artists.
  • The Best Virtual Museum Visits from Wanderfull: Check out world-famous museums and exhibits right from the couch! Some of Europe’s most incredible art houses have made themselves available via the internet, and you won’t even have to wait in line to get in. Here’s just a few: Uffizzi Gallery, Florence; Vatican Museums, Rome; Guggenheim, Bilbao; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Couriers of Hope exhibition, presented by Port City Creative Guild: Check out this hybrid in-person + virtual art exhibition that brings together ten local museums and galleries in Long Beach, CA with over 80 artists contributing over 160 pieces of mail art, and also engages hundreds of Long Beach students in an artwork trading program! Couriers of Hope will be on display for virtual viewing from January 19 to February 28, 2021, open to all. Visit the virtual gallery here.

Writing Resources

  • Grad School Center: A writing resource guide for anyone looking to become a better writer (and getting published)! This guide covers the foundational rules of writing such as grammar and punctuation, then delves into how to strengthen your writing through revision and proofreading, and then on to publishing and tips on becoming a better writer.
  • The Alcott Youth Magazine is a global publication devoted to sharing youth perspectives. Alcott Youth places a special emphasis on promoting voices from young women, although all are welcome and encouraged to submit, regardless of their gender. All submissions are free and will be responded to within a week. Art, photography, and writing are accepted.
  • The Blissful Pursuit: A student-led online digital literary and arts magazine for students ages 7-22, to give a chance to all students to express their views and creativity in their own genuine voice on topics that matter to them. Student leaders of The Blissful Pursuit magazine selects a variety of topics that matter to the younger generation such as diversity & culture, history, society and our planet. Submit your entries to contribute to the next issue of the magazine–awards and prizes will be offered for the best entry in each genre!
  • Ice Lolly Review: An international nonprofit youth literary magazine for young writers ages 12-26. Ice Lolly Review accepts all kinds of writing and looks for work that has a unique and strong voice. Submissions are always free and they aim to respond in under two weeks. 
  • The Young Writers Initiative: An organization started by youth, dedicated to educating, servicing, and inspiring young writers. The Young Writers Initiative offers free editing, beta reading, cover designing, book reviewing, and consulting, and also hosts a free 2-month long summer camp and mentorship program, large-scale events, workshops, and contests. Volunteer positions are offered as well. Their companion press, Juven, seeks work from young writers that are 25 or younger.
  • Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine: A nonprofit online magazine by teenagers, for teenagers, Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine offers a space for young people around the world to share their writing and discuss mental health. The magazine is open to submissions of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, or any other creative writing from youth ages 12-22. All appropriate submissions will be posted or responded to within a week of submitting. No submission fee is required.
  • The WEIGHT Journal: Founded and edited by educators and writers from across the United States, The WEIGHT Journal offers free online publication opportunities for all high school writers. Young authors are invited to write about any topic, in a variety of genres.
  • Write-Minded Canada: Founded by young writers for young writers, Write-Minded Canada is focused on providing resources, tips, and publication and recognition opportunities for teenagers interested in the literary arts.
  • Literary Balms: A Virtual Community Writing Project: In keeping with Cave Canem Foundation’s mission to develop Black poets and foster community, Literary Balms is an initiative to help keep writers engaged with their writing process and virtually connected with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Literary Balms offers three writing prompts generated by Cave Canem fellows and poetry-related suggested readings.

More Resources for Creative Teens During COVID-19

While our society is beginning to discuss the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, much of the conversation focuses on adults and their experiences. It’s important for teens to hear from their peers and tell their own stories through their art and writing.  

The resources below chronicle how young people have experienced pandemics, from the 1918 Flu Pandemic to the current crisis. They also offer activities that can help you to record and share your story with others. Make sure to check out the Scholastic Awards site as well for additional COVID-19 resources not covered here.

Personal accounts and archives from the 1918 Flu Pandemic, and the power of journaling during COVID-19

  • What We Can Learn From 1918 Influenza Diaries | Smithsonian Magazine, April 13, 2020 
    • These letters and journals offer insights on how to record one’s thoughts amid a pandemic. This article includes archival letters from people of all ages, including 15-year-old Violet Harris and 18-year-old Clara Wrasse. 
  • Pandemic Influenza Storybook 
    • The CDC’s Pandemic Flu Storybook provides readers with a look at the impact pandemic flu events have had on both survivors and the families and friends of non-survivors. These stories are not folklore, but personal recollections. This collection of stories was first released in 2008 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic. While many of these survivors were in their old age when telling their stories, most of them were teens or children during the pandemic itself. 

How are teens coping, and how are they helping to respond to the crisis and help others? 

Examples of art and writing related to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Stories from the Pandemic | Newark Board of Education 
    • Life under quarantine doesn’t have to mean complete isolation. Young people bring us together by reporting from the frontline: their homes. They show how our families, friends and neighborhoods are being impacted by the pandemic, and how their stories can connect us across the globe. 
  • The Quarantine Diaries  | New York Times, March 30, 2020 
    • Around the world, the history of our present moment is taking shape in journal entries and drawings. The article includes examples of visual and written journals from adults and young people to show how these creations are important for documenting social history during this historic event. 
  • Live From the Pandemic | Crashtest 
    • Check out art and writing from humans 18 year olds and under in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, curated and managed by the Crashtest team. 
  • COVID Stories | Blue Marble Review 
    • Blue Marble Review is a quarterly online literary journal showcasing the creative work of young writers ages 13-22. We welcome poetry, fiction, personal essays, travel stories, and opinion pieces as well as art and photography. 

Art and writing prompts for young people

  • Quaranteen Prompts | Words Alive 
    • Daily prompts and lesson plans to help teenagers cope with COVID-19 and learn from the news. 

For parents:

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